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16th June 2002

5:45pm: it's my birthdayyy onnnn sunndayyy

happy b-day to alissha cause I wont be here on the best birthdate.

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28th April 2002

4:01pm: sooty's the bear in control
hahaomfg I've broken out my old Sooty tapes from when I was like 8..they fucken rock..I get the jokes now so it's even more funny

well I thought these holidays have been a complete waste of time but actually I've learnt alot. thanks to deka heha
michael is backaskskakas yey
;laksdl;ka o.o

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27th April 2002

11:25pm: help me mommy
I shouldv'e gone
I'm a dickhead
Oh well what else is new
I've decided I'm gong to focus on what I should be doing, what derection I'll need to take in life haha so yeh.
I had a brain attack today lol I figured out hwat I'm oging to do for my 'art on a string' assignment. I'll show you guys when it's done I guess.
I have to put the money mum's gonna give me away so I can save up for a camera. *sogh* that means giving it to my dad to ol donto cause I am weak and will spend it.
haha nadia's drunkkk
haha omg and I finaalyyy diddd it!
ahaksjdha~ go me!

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1:29am: I aint goign that way
well I think I'll start to keep a journal thing on paper.cause I have too many things to winge about that ou people prolly get annoyed at ahahah
I complain too much for my liking.
i need to download some more white stripes.
and some george.
i don't want to get tinitis when I'm older wah
oh well
can't do anything aboot it
the end
how boring

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26th April 2002

10:11pm: I just realised next year I will be 18 years old

what do I have to show for it?!
Absofuckinglutely nothing

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9:42pm: I feel like I'm being left behind
I got a letter today

centre link cut off my student allowance

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